Wonderful Kaas

Kaas, Maharashtra’s own Valley of flowers, is a wonderful weekend destination for people of Mumbai and Pune. Situated at just 17 Kms from Satara, Kaas, due to its proximity and ease of access through motorable roads, is not only appealing to the nature lovers, but is fast becoming a favorite among people of all ages.

Valley Of Flowers

Valley Of Flowers

Witnessing Kaas, in its full bloom, can be a lifetime experience. The plateau, which otherwise is indistinguishable round the year, turns into a vibrant paradise after the monsoon. Some 850 varieties of flowers are said to bloom in Kaas. A purple plateau, with  the glossy green Sahyadri at its backdrop and a tranquil lake is what makes this place so special and unique in the entire Western Ghats. The trip to Kaas, does not essentially end here. The secluded Kaas Lake, further down the road is an amazing place to be one with nature. Watching the night fall over the misty lake is quite an experience. Alternatively, one can trek down the valley from Kaas to the lake and also swim in the lake to add to the thrill.

Valley Of Flowers

Valley Of Flowers

Valley Of Flowers

Valley Of Flowers

Ever since, Kaas was declared a Unesco world heritage site, in July 2012, the number of visitors has surged enormously. This in turn, has built an enormous pressure on its ecological balance. Though, the Kaas committee has taken major initiatives towards its conservation, but as of now, these are being implemented in phases. It would be in our own interest that, we appreciate the initiatives and contribute to the conservation of Kaas for the future generations.

Kaas Lake

Kaas Lake

  • Registration:
    • Kaas now requires prior registration of the visit through an official website http://kas.ind.in/
  • Best Time to Visit:
    Just after the monsoon. The first 3 weeks of September is preferably the best
  • How to reach:
    Kaas is located at around 120 kms from Pune city on the Mumbai-Bangalore highway (NH 4) approximately at 22 kms from Satara town and 31 kms from Satara Railway Station.
    If you are taking your car there is a parking place near Kaas and the entry fee is limited to INR 10/-.
Bamnouli Lake

Bamnouli Lake

  • List Of Don’t for Visitors• Avoid weekends if you can
    • The idea of stepping into the flowers for a picture may be overwhelming, but, please resist it
    • Do not collect flowers, witnessing them there is the best option
    • Please do not leave evidences of your presence there. Carrying back everything you take there is the best option
  • Other Places To Visit:
    • Bamnoli, 30 kms from Kaas further down the road where you can have a boat ride in the Sivajisagar Lake.
    • Thodseghar Water fall at around 25 kms from Satara city
  • Activities:
  • Fooding:
    There are no restaurants available in Kaas and hence the best option is to have your lunch at Satara. There are few good restaurants available in Satara with options of North Indian and Maharashtrean food. Carry enough water with you.

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