I have always tried doing something meaningful with my life, and in pursuit of this I have developed varied interests including world history, literature, politics and architecture to name a few. As photography and travelling are the best way to explore and blend in all of  these, I have dedicated myself to these.

If life permits, someday I want to become a bohemian travelling throughout the world. I wouldn’t want to be strictly classified as a tourist, but I see myself as a traveler meeting people from different cultures, living a bit of their lives  and learning new things every day. I’m still discovering myself. I wouldn’t say its an identity crisis, but my quest for the myself has been getting deeper and interesting with time, travels and more people I come across.

Presently based out Mumbai, I juggle my time between corporate work, travel and writing.  Do stop here for a moment to know about my travel experiences.

Contact Me:

Email:             arindam2202@gmail.com

Google talk:   arindam2202

Skype:             arindam2202


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